Being huge…

My last post got me thinking about being BIG in this performance. Reaching out to an audience rather than drawing them in. I did a workshop with Gecko theĀ  other day. We had to express ‘anger’ and joy’ etc, vocally and physically. We had to be huge. It’s hard to just express an emotion like that, something so abstract. Especially when we are so used to holding anger in. I don’t know what anger is when it’s just let out.

It got me thinking about Grotowski letting his students improvise then commenting on how easily we revert to ritualistic, animal behavior. We all start to express emotions in the same way – going into foetal positions, turning round and round. I have a friend who has been blind since birth but she knows something about what gestures are used to express emotions and she uses them, but the gestures are strange, disembodied.

The exercises got us into a state where we could work. I suppose that’s the point. To get beyond yourself. The expand your energy, presence etc….

Hannah Silva, photo Eileen Long

Politicians like the word big.

The Big Society. The Big Reality. My Big Idea. The Biggest Past Decade. My Big Passion. The Biggest Budget Deficit. At our Best when at our Boldest. We do Big Things. Big Uglies. Big Britons. A Big Bang Approach.

I have to go make a sound recording about coriander for James Wilkes and this plants poetry project