The Disappearance of Sadie Jones (script)

Lyricism, language play and poetic physical performance combine in this visceral and intuitive portrait of the human psyche.

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A structurally daring and challenging production that reminds you how visceral and powerful live performance can be. (Exeunt Magazine)

The spartan text is conjured into shimmering gamelan lushness, interleaved layers pivoting about shared catchwords, superimposed, staggered, coalescing into riffs and refrains then diverging via counterpoint into cacophony. (Total Theatre)

Sadie’s journey is the most entrancing of all the strange avenues that criss-cross through this superbly constructed play. At one point, Sadie directs dead people to dance. It is a brilliant image; beautiful and sad and, despite its surreal nature, somehow honest. What a unique and sensitive imagination Silva possesses – and what a fine understanding of the tiny details that distinguish between the great gulfs in our lives. (Miriam Gillinson, Sketches on Theatre)


The Disappearance of Sadie Jones was developed through residencies at Beaford Arts, Camden People’s Theatre and the Bike Shed Theatre. It is supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and using public funding from Arts Council England.