The Shit/La Merda

Summerhall. Edinburgh Fringe The Shit/La Merda performed by Silvia Gallerano and written by Cristian Ceresoli [contains spoilers, although I’m not sure anything can prepare you for the live version] In […]

Preamble to writing about two shows at Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe

I saw lots of lovely shows at the Fringe (yup, I’m back home already). Lovely, compassionate, honest (Mess), sweet, cuddleable (Blink), makes-you-think-and laugh-in-a-gentle and warm-way (The price of everything) inventive-with-props-and-excellent-if-you-like-that-sort-of-thing-which-I-don’t-much […]

Opposition @PulseFringe

Last week I went back to Suffolk (where I grew up) to perform Opposition at Pulse Fringe Festival, The New Wolsey Theatre. I was a bit nervous about taking Opposition to […]

Where are the South West Theatre Critics?

When I tell people I live in Plymouth they often suggest that I enjoy the whole ‘big fish in a small pond’ phenomenon. Actually I feel like I’m a tadpole […]