London Should Love its Bankers

and various tangents involving implausible analogies and credit cards…. [Results of the Vote: 338 votes for, 281 against and four don’t knows] Panel: For: William Right, Anthony Fry, Jennifer Moses Against: […]

Where are the South West Theatre Critics?

When I tell people I live in Plymouth they often suggest that I enjoy the whole ‘big fish in a small pond’ phenomenon. Actually I feel like I’m a tadpole […]

Join Hannah Silva in Opposition

Invitation to join Hannah Silva in Opposition A Political Play on Words About the show:   ‘My Big Idea’, ‘The Biggest Past Decade’ ‘The Biggest Budget Deficit’ ‘The Big Society’ ‘The […]

Opposition Press Release

PRESS RELEASE Opposition – written and performed by Hannah Silva Ever watched a politician answer a question that left you none the wiser? Ever seen them give identical answers to a […]