Dartington Space Residency

This week I’m re-developing Opposition through a residency at Dartington Space.

It’s pretty much the same up there as it was when I started studying at Dartington College eight years ago. Apart from now you need a card to get through doors and the studios have different numbers and there are no students about. There are artists though, so that’s got to be a good thing. Also working in the studios this week areĀ  Tony Lopez , Emmalena Fredriksson, Fanshen, and Alice Carfrae with Jessica Beck & Helena Enright. Emmalena and I have been sharing soup at lunchtime.

I’m in the black box, which I used to find tough to work in when I was a student, but it’s better now. The echo has been reduced, and perhaps I’m better at spending the day on my own in black boxes…I’ve been figuring out how to do acrobatics over my new sofa – which craftily doubles as a flight case (or perhaps I should say flightcase that doubles as sofa) – it holds my entire set, so that (in theory)I can tour on a train. It’s designed by Bill Wroath. Here it is:

My only complaint is that it is causing static shocks when I do my acrobatic thing over it. Bill has suggested kicking it first – apparantly that’s what nurses did during the war when they were getting shocks off the metal beds.

And this beauty is my new lectern – with a whistle in it:

& I don’t have any photos of me with new lectern yet so here’s one of me performing at the Bike Shed Theatre with old lectern…

photo: Eileen Long