Final night Opposition, Exeter Fringe

Hannah Silva in Opposition. Photo Eileen Long

It’s over! Two performances at the Bike Shed Theatre for the Exeter Fringe. Done. From David Lockwood’s blog on the Fringe

The Bike Shed Theatre hosted the most technically skillful show that I’ve seen so far at this year’s festival. Hannah Silva’s Opposition looks and sounds beautiful as she uses live music, audio looping and a gorgeous lighting design to explore political rhetoric, global finance and power. Hannah is an incredible performer, both physically and vocally; this show is worth watching for the technique alone. And it is great to see a performer offering us a challenging view of the status quo.

I loved performing the whistle part. Playing the eulogy for a past that has gone, a time when politicians spoke about what it means to live, a time when they weren’t afraid of metaphor and using more than a basic vocabulary.

& the audience interaction was fun too – especially when it gets turned around towards the end of the show and ‘I’ talk about manipulation. How easy it is to get everyone to –

All start to do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time

Exactly the same thing at exactly the same time

the same thing at exactly the same time

same thing at exactly the same time

thing at exactly the same time

at exactly the same time

exactly the same time

the same time

same time



As a performer – I did everything right….I think I nailed the end…my voice was there, more embodied…but I’m not 100% happy with my performance. Maybe the piece is so hard to perform that I’ll never be completely satisfied…I felt that I wasn’t completely ‘present’… I didn’t have the usual performance adrenalin…¬† parts felt insincere, which is a funny one, as some parts are insincere…that’s something I’m playing with. I think I was fighting between wanting to pull the audience into my world – as I usually do with my poetry…[youtube=]….and pushing the work out there….being huge…taking it to the audience…which is what this piece demands most of the time. The U. S section has to be massive, has to encompass the whole space, as the U.S does….

During the rehearsals before Edinburgh I want to go through the piece and find images to work with for the different sections – the way Phillip Zarrilli worked with us when I was doing my MFA.

& I have an idea that I think will make the final section¬† – the silent gestures – very exciting…

I think it’s really important to have the live Twitter section too – we didn’t manage to set it up at the Bike Shed as get in time was so limited.

I’ll have new photos and video from the show soon. & I hope to do a small showing in Plymouth before Edinburgh…get in touch if you’d like to be there!