Guest Columns for Exeunt:

Crisis of Naturalism 

Nobody got it but I knew what it was
got it but I knew what it was
it but I knew what it was
but I knew what it was
I knew what it was
knew what it was
what it was
it was

It is not easy to know whether this kind of language will work dramatically; it depends what you do with it. Often what on the page looks like something literary, something poetic, something undramatic, in fact only works in performance.

Strugglepause. Hold. Release. (Laurens, The Three Birds – stage direction)

Make it Yourself

My conversation with Laurens has made me wonder whether having to fight right from the beginning might be the best thing that can happen to someone who wants to stay in this industry right until the end.


– And the third one will probably be on libretto writing – should be published on the 28th Sept. Any thoughts on the topic, link to articles etc welcome.