‘It’s great to be here in Edinburgh…

….We’re happy about that….’

Hannah Silva in Opposition ‘Oomph’

I’m sitting on a child’s bed, on a duvet with smiley cats, hot air balloons and umbrellas on it in a flat in Edinburgh.

It is day 2 of my first Edinburgh Fringe experience. I now know what they mean about it being a bubble.  It’s like being back at Dartington (College of Arts)

Will recent events mean audiences will be more interested in political theatre…? The comedians are re-working their shows…. I don’t think I need to re-work Opposition, but obviously the context has changed. The meaning is going to shift. There’s another layer now. I can’t perform the material in quite the same way I did a few months ago. The question that Twitter keeps asking us suddenly resonates:

What’s Happening?


Last night we had the tech at ZOO Southside, 22:30-00:30. I was pretty impressed we managed to dismantle the entire studio and put it back together again (with new cables in roof) in that time. Only two casualties. I tripped over a lamp that I should have known was there. And Mark electrocuted himself re-wiring the plug of another lamp. At that point, the producer, Emily, whispered ominously to me: ‘Someone is going to get killed’.

Mark is still with us. The sound and loop pedal worked (yesterday). Lights are plotted and we hope the projector and live twitter feeds will work. Guess that’s what the previews are for.


Was a bit shite really. I got rained on, got lost, got knackered and failed to see any shows. I intended to go and see Tim Clare’s ‘How to be a leader’ but couldn’t find it. Then got rained on again. My feet hurt.

We did manage to staple some posters to the ever increasing girth of the columns in the Royal Mile. (inches thick with layers and layers of posters) And we discussed flyering strategies.

One idea is to walk up to people and ask: “If you had to wear a name badge saying either ‘Margaret Thatcher’ or ‘Tony Blair’ which would you choose?

Tony Benn or Che Guavara?

David Cameron or Nick Clegg?

Reagan or Bush?

Churchill or Obama?

Satnav or George Osborne?

Ed Miliband or Jed Bartlet?


The show starts tomorrow. I am mentally preparing myself for an audience of three.  I’ll just imagine a big crowd – usually worked in rehearsals.

Make my imaginary audience real! Book tickets for Opposition here

I shall go back to sticking labels on flyers….

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