Latitude Festival Set


Getting ready to perform at Latitude Festival in Suffolk (where I grew up). There’s lots of interesting things…I’ll be mostly hanging out in the Theatre Arena….looking forward to Tim Crouch, The Opera Group and meeting all those new writing theatres that reject my plays : )

– It’ll be interesting to see ‘Seven Angels’ composed by Luke Bedford (writer Glyn Maxwell). It came out of a fellowship with Aldeburgh/Jerwood. I’m on the Aldeburgh/Jerwood Opera Writing Foundation Scheme at the moment. I’m working with Joanna Lee, who specialises in extended vocal techniques. The piece below includes extracts from the libretto I’ve written for her. (showing in Aldeburgh in a couple of weeks).

LATITUDE: I’m on 16:40 on Friday and 20:40 on Saturday in the Poetry Arena.

Got a bit of a crazy piece lined up…(as well as an extract from Opposition) Haven’t figured out what it should look like on the page yet…It starts with an old one ‘Puffer Jacket’…here’s the score…includes real letters to Abyss [Real Doll company -please don’t sue me I’ll take them out if a problem]

I’m a woman in a puffer jacket
I’m a woman in a puffer jacket with a corset on top
I’m a woman in a puffer jacket with a corset on top standing
on Oranienburger Strasse
I’m a woman in a puffer jacket with a corset on top standing
on Orianienburger Strasse wearing a lot of make up
I’m a prostitute on Oranienburger Strasse in the East of Berlin
giving a handjob outside a club making small talk
I am everything you are looking for in a woman in a puffer jacket
because it’s cold with a corset on top and very blonde hair
contrasting nicely with my fake tan
I’m a doll but I’m real for sale for one night I could be yours
love me pay me fuck me
I will always be there for you
except when I’m with someone else
I’m trying to be a doll dressed like a Barbie but I’ve failed
because I’m alive and I’m just a woman in a puffer jacket
with a corset on top and you want
a doll for life

articulated articulated articulated tctctctctctct
skeleton skeleton skeleton tktktktktk
articulated skeleton articulated skeleton
skeleton skeleton skeleton

A completely articulated skeleton that allows for an/atom/ically correct positioning an exclusive blend of the most expensive silicone rubbers for an ultra flesh like feel we’ll build a plastic partner custom made to order from body type to face type all the way down to fingernail colour if you’ve ever dreamt of creating your ideal woman you’ve come to the right place.

Very soft and stretchy lips
ultra soft tongue
soft silicone teeth

Oh Yes Baby Yes
I bought a Real Doll on the net
Dressed her up like my Ex
Hung her from the ceiling (for better penetration)
What a cool sensation!
Her soft and stretchy lips
provide my morning fix.
She can’t make coffee
but her completely articulated skeleton
was great value for money.
I’m buying a world that’s danger free
and packaged for me
I’m gonna consume
The Fantasy.

flawless formless faceless sell us

smile    s s   s  split spill      slip  lip        tears     tears                ears

chic  cheek        eyes   Yes!    nose   No

face deface erase      deface erase efface

This season’s look is         faceless          

Dear Abyss,

My RD2 seems to be getting softer over time and feels ever more lifelike…
If you look at the pictures it may tell you that it is almost a waste to use her for her genuine purposes.
Finally the instructions were easy to follow and the cleaning kit as well as the adhesive have been much needed

nip it lick it zip it tweak tuck it fuck it perfect ctctctctctctct fit t t t t t

–       She photographs
–       Extraordinarily well
–      To the point of actually
–       Seeming alive
–       Even without a face
–       It’s easy to imagine
–       Her personality titty!

Dear Abyss,

What a companion she is! A joy to care for and emotional support!
It really is getting better and better. The things you discover… The things you can or must do: go shopping for her, taking care of her (washing, powdering), dressing her up, moving her… Kissing her, caressing her, cuddle her, laying next to her, holding her hand, brushing her wig… too much to mention 🙂

Anyway, to continue the feedback:  I don’t see them as replacing real women but they do come close.  The level of detail is exemplary, down to the toes!

I look in the mirror
I looked like this yesterday
so I change
Change is good.

We Salute
Smock mock

Dear Abyss,

I want to say that getting a RealDoll is the best present I have got myself and wish I could buy one every year since they keep getting better (like cars or computers).

Sc sc sc oop neck k k
V v v v V Neck k k
Ha ha ha ha Halter Neck
Ba ba ba ba Bateau oh oh Neck k k k
Bo oh oh oh Boat t t t Neck
Cowl Neck
Crew Neck
No neck
neck and neck
less            br   th less         n       k  less
bre    the less
ne  ck   less s s

Summ mmm mm mm
Summ mmer’s
a breeze!
in an easy wear
wardrobe of florals
and brightly coloured silks
Change is g g g g g g

With nanotechnology we’ll rearrange our atoms
Put in our parts and take them out at leisure
There is so much undiscovered pleasure!

Dear Abyss,

The realism of the doll depends a lot on your life and your experience with real girls. She’s just a doll, but as I never had a real close relationship, she’s a bit more, somewhere in between a doll and a real girl…

Well, it seems like I ended up as a lonestar, and somehow I could never get this beauty goddess I always hoped to bump into some day…but you gave me this doll, the closest thing to my ideal female beauty. This one will even allow me to kiss and hug her, to even have sex with her. As I lack the comparison to real girls, for me it’s the best sex I ever had.

Some may laugh at me or throw peanuts at my head, I don’t care (I like peanuts, yummy!). Dolls can alleviate loneliness quite a bit. This stupid urge to find Mrs Right at all costs is gone…..I will find her one day….or not. Until then….

very soft and stretchy lips
ultra soft tongue
soft silicone teeth

–       Height:
–       1550 millimetres

less man I mate quin ult oice oice f f f lex
–       Bust:
–       830 millimetres

less mann e quins are the ult I mate   mate!
–       Waist:
–       630 millimetres

ch ch ch oice f f or flex ibility
–       Base diameter
–       1 point 380 millimetres
Head less mann equins are the ult i mate choice for flex ibility  titty!

choice less head less face less the ultimate the ultimate the ultimate the ultimate the ultimate ultimate ultimate

if you’ve ever dreamt of creating your idea woman
Very soft and stretchy lips
I’m a woman in a puffer jacket
even without a face it’s easy to imagine….
Change is Good
We’ll build a perfect partner
I look in the mirror

–       She is a very popular
–       Womannequin
–       Durable
–       Affordable
–       Natural
–       White matt finish  sh