Carrot Theatre 503 by Ben Ockrent, directed by Nadia Latif

Had loads of energy, cast were fantastic, perfect for the festival audience and theatre tent. Fantastic writing, loved the direction. Brilliant. Audience loved it too.

Seven Angels The Opera Group by Luke Bedford, libretto by Glyn Maxwell

Really enjoyed the unusual experience of Opera at a festival. The music was not mind blowing, but it was good. The story was perplexing, pity it needed explaining to us beforehand, I’d have appreciated the challenge of interpreting the action my own way.  It was a little strange to have such a strong book/information metaphor in the staging when that wasn’t in the libretto…I think it didn’t quite hit it if the aim was to create a new myth, maybe needed more Paradise Lost connections…but I enjoyed it. It kept my interest. It took some risks.

The Flooded Grave Bush Theatre. Written by Anthony Weigh, dir. Hannah Dickenson

– initially for a lighting-less Bush Theatre apparently. It was performed outside by ….? Can’t find his name. He was great. So it really felt like a ghost story, in the dark. Great example of how a monologue can be dramatic. I love Anthony Weigh’s writing.

Tim Key in the Poetry Arena

was hilarious and put us poets on the side of poetry not comedy to shame. Hmm.

Tim Clare

did some great poetry/songs but I was hoping to hear more of his work as I’m curious about his how ‘How to be a Leader’ at Ed Fringe. Might be a bit like mine. (?)

Camille O-Sullivan

This Irish Jazz/folk singer is bloody brilliant. Theatrical, slightly nuts. Wow. The mic blew up in her hand and she sung a capella. Audience loved it. And she had a bird cage, a xylophone and kept taking off her shoes.

I think she’s at the Edinburgh Fringe…? Must check. Incredible.

BBQ guy from Torquay in the performance area

kept talking instead of cooking. Just give us the food dammit. 🙂