Leaving Plymouth for a little while…

‘It’s bad luck to have flowers on board a boat. I’m going to have to come down and punch you on the nose-  it’s the only way to reverse the curse…’ [Boat on the water 2009, Stonehouse Plymouth – with Alice Tatton-Brown and Chloe Langford]
Just to let you know….

I’m going to Nottingham tomorrow to be involved in a project called ‘Park in Progress’ – World Event Young Artists.’1000 artists 10 nations 10 days’ (yay I qualify for a ‘young’ scheme)

And then I’m moving to London. I’ll be living pretty near the Olympic Stadium in the East. I’ve never lived in London before. Looking forward to be able to perform at events I’ve had to turn down in the past because of travel costs, going to poetry events and plays and theatre and workshops and better second hand shops….First workshop I’m doing is on Greek Tragedy with Tamasha.

Starting next week I’m ‘playwright in residence’ at the Lady Eleanor Holles School. So my first job is to find out what teenage girls want to make theatre about.

Last chance to see Opposition in the South West on the 18th & 19th October at the Brewhouse Theatre Taunton

First London run of Opposition : at the Ovalhouse – 6-17th November. It took me over a year to get a London venue, and I still love the work as much as when I first made it. So I’ve got a couple of months to try and make my knees work/find appropriate pain killers.

Then a week in Suffolk at Aldeburgh Music to try out ideas for a new opera ‘Thanatophobia’ with the composer Joanna Lee

And I start work on Jerwood supported project ‘Hunger’ back in Devon with a residency at Beaford Arts in December, with dramaturg David Lane, actors Kathryn O’ Reilly, Alan Humphreys and Lizzie Crarer and designer Fiona Chivers. I started writing Hunger three years ago, so excited it’s finally happening, and that I’ve got such a strong team of collaborators to work with.

More soon…

p.s I wrote the first of three columns for Exeunt Magazine: Crisis of Naturalism

– and also, check out this brilliant new resource set up by Sophie Mayer and her students : ‘I don’t call myself a poet’ – Interviews with Contemporary Poets Living and Working in Britain