Opposition: The Weather/Economy/Umbrella section

An extract from the Economy section of Opposition, A political Play on Words

Hannah Silva in Opposition photo by Eileen Long








A double dip p p
a double dip p p
a double dip p p p
recession sion sion

Holes in that cloud
Low testosterone levels
At the moment that’s still difficult to say

Some rain around at the moment before
At the moment we’re looking at a rate of some 4% 4 per 4 per 2 2 per 2 1 0 point 1 1 perc 0 0 per 0 point 0 percent
Some colder weather moves back across the UK
having a chilling effect on Britain’s economy me me me me me

‘I am waiting for us to say that some things are right and some things are wrong! And that it is wrong to do many of the things that are now done in the interests of profit and loss’ (Tony Benn)

profit and loss
Patchy frost,
profit and loss
Colin Firth

Thank you Mr speaker with permission Mr speaker
I’d like to make a statement on last week’s European European council

Place normal his from minister prime deputy the of absence the note all we all note the absence of the deputy prime minister from his normal place

Where is he?

If we look back to the 1980s (TITTIES) we had period of strong recovery
followed by staglation tion tion…WHERE IS HE?
It really harks back to the 1970s (TITTIES)
an association with extremely high inflation tion tion…
That’s something we haven’t seen WHERE IS HE? since the mid 1950s (TITTIES)
Heavy bursts of rain working across the southern counties (TITTIES)


Break to allow some sunshine
(The economy gets so small that it disappears under an umbrella )

The UK economy unexpectedly shrank
by 0.5%
in the last quarter of 2010

The UK economy has grown a tiny bit
by 0.5%
in the first quarter of 2011

The UK economy has grown a tinier bit
by 0.1%
in the second quarter of 2011

The German economy has shrunk by a sausage
in the final quarter of 2011

[A double dip p p p A double dip p p p]

The UK economy has shrunk…by 0.2% in the first quarter of 2012
so it’s still pretty tiny
very little
barely a button
a pin head
grain of salt
grain of sand
the size of my kitten’s eyelash
sleep in the corner of my eye
a raindrop
a thought before bedtime

It really is
a tinsy weensy
tweeny weeny
teeny tiny
itsy bitsy
itty bitty (TITTY)


I don’t think we should be too worried.

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