‘Political speech ‘opera’ is a mini-masterpiece’

‘Political speech ‘opera’ is a mini-masterpiece’

Thank you Belinda Dillon from Devon Life for a review of Opposition! Some extracts below – full review of Opposition at the Exeter Fringe, Bike Shed Theatre  in Devon Life

Opposition, photo Eileen Long

….With astounding vocal dexterity, razor-sharp insight and a huge dose of playfulness, she defamiliarizes the words and phrases that daily bombard us via the media, in the process creating a glorious ‘cut-up’ opera of epic proportions….

….Worn-out phrases take on new meanings as they butt up against incongruous sounds and repeated parts of words; repetitions, trills and ululations turn words into music, phasing through a loop station, accompanied by a tin whistle on occasion – it’s a linguistic, lyrical collage that utterly mesmerizes….

…Hannah’s vocal gymnastics are matched by her physical command of the space – this is a seriously well-choreographed piece, and technically impressive, too. Repetition of phrases in conjunction with repeated movements and gestures create routines and sub-routines, patterns that turn the words in on themselves. She’s a wonderful performer, compelling to watch; I was reminded of Bobby Baker, who similarly uses the repetition of certain actions to inject new meaning into what’s become habitual through over-use. In the process, we begin to see the truth behind the whirlwind of words that those in power use to exercise control over the rest of us…