Rehearsals with Mark Laville

Opposition, photo by Eileen Long

So I took my ‘claptrap’ research to my rehearsal at The Barbican Theatre with Mark yesterday and we basically figured out how the piece is going to end. I’ve got a bit of re-writing to do this weekend. I love that process of playing with text in the space, and writing on my feet. And of course it was fantastic to have a whole day working with Mark. He is brilliant at ‘reading’ what’s on stage…interpreting it, finding meaning and connections and helping me to make the ideas that are in my head but not completely clear… happen.

We played around with the ‘claptrap’ text a bit and I’m going to use some of it.- Of course there’s way too much, but some of the lines will work with a little tweaking, and it does enable me to ask that question….was this all a load of claptrap?

When I was a student in Dartington we had some kind of sharing/present giving session and a girl gave me a present of these plastic hands/rattle that make a clapping noise…she said it was because I took life too seriously and she basically wanted me to lighten up. Was considering using them in the piece but I can’t find them.

Coming back to rehearsing the piece feels a little strange. There was a moment when Mark asked me to find a physical position and I just went blank….couldn’t move. It was for the new ‘Obama’ section. I’m splicing together Churchill and Obama – they both talk about history.

Obama talks about a new generation and Churchill about the shadows of the past. There’s also a line from Reagan ‘ We have it in out power to begin the world all over again’ which transforms into Obama ‘We have the chance to pursue the world as it should be’.