Reviews of Opposition, Edinburgh Fringe, ZOO Southside

ALL reviews of Opposition at the Edinburgh Fringe (at least all the ones I can find…)

What’s on Stage *****

An astonishing neo-Dadaist performance for our times.

Radical, political, courageous….This is a virtuoso avant-garde performance of a virtuoso avant-garde text by a virtuoso avant-garde artist. Go to listen, marvel, participate. Go to be amazed. Just go.

Fringe Review    ****

 – Highly Recommended Show –

This whirlwind  of humanity explodes onto the stage with striking force and energy, seeming to make sense as she seeks to inspire and at the same time commune and empathise with her distinguished audience, as all political leaders do. Yet, as your ear becomes attuned to the dialogue, you realise that what she is spouting is utter gibberish. Complete and utter twaddle in fact, in the best absurdist Beckett or Campton styles.

The Skinny ****

Here opposition does not just mean choosing a different political party, another side, making another argument, but an intervention: a decision to change the very terms of the discussion. Hannah Silva is in Opposition. Join her.

Exeunt magazine ****

Silva succeeds in both creating an inventive and arresting piece of performance and in making the audience actively think about language, its uses and misuses, the potency of words.

Hand and Star: ****

As her words are flung, so is her body. For this is also a brilliantly choreographed piece of physical theatre. Silva mimics (and inflate to extreme levels) the politician’s body language, transforming it into a mechanised, clownish vocabulary of gesture. Opposition is bizarre, clever and totally unique. Vote with your feet, and go see it now

Three Weeks ****

A completely engrossing, demanding and emotionally unsettling performance…the production ironically harnessed technology to a frightening end. I still can’t work out if I enjoyed it, or even what happened in that room, but I urge you to find out for yourselves.

& in the interests of transparency….three stars 🙁 but the review is fine:

The Scotsman ***

Silva subtly highlights how language can be used to control, asking us to question the motivations behind those who try to bamboozle us with words.