4 thoughts on “Seven Billion Humans – a libretto

  1. I had to re-post this as formatting wasn’t working.

    I wrote it in response to this competition by English National Opera: http://www.minioperas.org/?stories=on-paper
    My libretto is inspired by Will Self’s story: http://www.minioperas.org/stories/the-death-of-a-government-inspector/
    Listening to Will Self describe the opening scene, I was reminded of the Dalai Lama and a recent interview with Sue Lloyd-Roberts: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17745634
    I also used the format of the House of Commons in the second section. It needs to be on a blog in order to enter the competition with ENO, but I haven’t submitted it yet, comments welcome, I may re-draft it a bit.

    [Click on the libretto to see it full size]

  2. Hi Hannah
    Great work on your libretto, and I hope you don’t mind a boring, technical question. How did you end up formatting your script? I’ve written mine in Word, but every time I put it on my wordpress blog I lose the indentation. I could rewrite the whole thing in WordPress but am not sure how to get the uniformity that you have managed.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Gina,
    Yes, it’s a hassle to get the formatting right!
    It’s probably possible to do it directly in wordpress if you know the html tags and stuff, but I don’t, so I put it into wordpress as a jpg image.
    You might have another way of getting a word doc to image flle, but what I do is ‘save as’ pdf from word (you need a newish version of word to do this). Then I open the pdf in ‘Preview’ then ‘export’ from preview to jpg. Then I upload it into wordpress as a jpg – the same as you would do an image.
    I look forward to reading yours!

  4. Many thanks, Hannah. I also know nothing about html so I’ll give your way a go. Mind you, I know nothing about libretto writing either, but it’s been fun trying.

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