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3rd July ‘Fruit Space’ Humber Mouth Literature Festival

Briefly – because I’m supposed to be doing the ‘stuff I’m up to’ not blogging about it…also this is a crap blog don’t read this read Stella Duffy on women characters on stage

Well there’s Hunger….

I’m talking to people about it, talking to venues about booking it for Autumn 2013 so that I have some dates in place for my arts council application…which I’ve kind of started writing.

I’ve replied to some actors but not to all. I was doing quite well on that front but then I went to London and the inbox got a bit chaotic. In London we recorded a radio play for BBC Radio 3 called ‘Marathon Tales’. I co-wrote it with Colin Teevan and it’ll be broadcast Sat 11 August at 21:15, Radio 3. It was fun. They even didn’t skip the ‘weird bits’.

[HUNGER actors: I am aiming to respond to everyone. But it’s a bit tricky because of all this other stuff I’ve got on at the moment. But I will respond, and if you haven’t heard yet it doesn’t necessarily mean no]

* On Saturday I’m doing the last performance of Opposition before the Autumn at Ashley Wood Festival. Which is a completely lovely, small, affordable, beautiful little festival. It’ll be an abridged version as there’s no i-net access in the barn and all that.

* On Sunday I’m doing poetry at Cine-East event called ‘Apples and Pears’ in East London with other poetry folk who I like a lot.

* On Monday I’m attending a ‘collaborators day’ thingy with the Blue Touch scheme/ London Sinfonietta and I really should do some googling and find out who I’d like to do any potential collaborating with.

* On Tuesday I’m performing a new commission ‘Ghost Running’ at Humber Mouth Literature Festival in Hull with Helen Mort who writes poems as she runs.

* Then I’ll have a couple of days to answer emails and write libretto for Jo. (sorry Jo, I’m on it, honest)

* Then going to Ledbury poetry festival to perform with poets and a cellist, a great setup, brain child of Stuart Silver. It always works. ‘What we should have said’ 8th July.

* Then some days to concentrate on libretto for Jo.

* Then Latitude (I like the question mark) 13- 15 July

* Then ‘Devoted and Disgruntled’ event in Plymouth. 17 July

* Then holding audition for Hunger.

That’s as far as I’ve got.

Yes nice one Hannah, basically you’ve written  public ‘to do’ list. Don’t forget to breathe ..


photo: Eileen Long

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  1. Emailing you and replying to one of your other blog posts has been on my not-so-public ‘to do’ list for weeks! I really hope you find Devoted & Disgruntled useful, I had a brilliant time at the Bristol one.

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