Preamble to writing about two shows at Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe

I saw lots of lovely shows at the Fringe (yup, I’m back home already). Lovely, compassionate, honest (Mess), sweet, cuddleable (Blink), makes-you-think-and laugh-in-a-gentle and warm-way (The price of everything) inventive-with-props-and-excellent-if-you-like-that-sort-of-thing-which-I-don’t-much […]

Three Kingdoms: Simon Stephens and Sebastian Nübling

Not considered suitable for under 16s or British mainstream theatre critics I found Three Kingdoms a bit of a joyride. Sit forward on your seat in the first half, enjoy […]

Transcribing the imaginary performance

Kind of a provocation (or perhaps rant) Since the sixties, the playwright Tom Stoppard has been stating the fact that: A text is an event, not a text. A script […]