Leaving Plymouth for a little while…

Just to let you know…. I’m going to Nottingham tomorrow to be involved in a project called ‘Park in Progress’ – World Event Young Artists.’1000 artists 10 nations 10 days’ […]

Where are the South West Theatre Critics?

When I tell people I live in Plymouth they often suggest that I enjoy the whole ‘big fish in a small pond’ phenomenon. Actually I feel like I’m a tadpole […]

Transcribing the imaginary performance

Kind of a provocation (or perhaps rant) Since the sixties, the playwright Tom Stoppard has been stating the fact that: A text is an event, not a text. A script […]

Reviews of Opposition, Edinburgh Fringe, ZOO Southside

ALL reviews of Opposition at the Edinburgh Fringe (at least all the ones I can find…) What’s on Stage ***** An astonishing neo-Dadaist performance for our times. Radical, political, courageous….This […]