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“The vocal acrobatics of musician and writer Hannah Silva test the physical limits of language” – The Wire

“I’m really quite blown away by what I’m hearing of this woman’s work…”- Verity Sharp, Late Junction BBC 3

Talk in a bit is the debut record by Hannah Silva, an award-winning writer and sound poet known for her innovative and virtuosic vocal performances. One year ago, Swiss producer Alan Alpenfelt saw Silva perform at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and, inspired by her rhythmical energy and vocal skills, invited her to be the flagship artist on his new label. Talk in a bit was recorded during a week of free improvisation at the beautiful La Sauna Recording Studio on Lake Varese, Italy. Silva’s lyrical tapestries are woven together with the acrobatic drummery of Swiss percussionist Julian Sartorius, the electro-acoustic virtuosity of Italian composer Luca Martegani and the noise distortions of Swiss cellist Zeno Gabaglio.

Silva’s words explore the female body, sexuality, power and pain. The tracks move from a rhythmic cacophony of articulations to lyrics inscribed on a breath: “your air is my suitcase, I fill you with the sounds that hang behind, the fingertips that touch, only to leave no marks in the air between us”.

The result is a raw and powerful album, where drums, vocals, electronics and cello are treated as liberated objects smashing and weaving into each other with tremendous yet elegant force, transforming the semantic tapestries of Silva’s poetry. A truly original sound, experimental yet accessible: a marriage of music and words, atmospheres and grooves, technology and grit. Talk in a bit is an electric, deeply rhythmical and at times melancholic album.



releases May 9, 2018All tracks written and performed by Hannah Silva
Julian Sartorius: drums, beats and percussions.
Luca Xelius Martegani: Korg MS20, Memory Moog, Doepfer A100 modular, Rhodes mark II, Sintetika Musika Makina custom modular system, Disciple one synthesizer by Riccardo Monti
Zeno Gabaglio: electric five strings cello.
Additional production by Luca Xelius Martegani
Recorded and Mixed by Enrico Mangione – La Sauna New Recording Studio, Varese (I)
Mastering: Henning Schmitz (member of Kraftwerk) at X Punkte 1 Studio, Köln (D)
Artwork: Alfio Mazzei
Project curated by Alan Alpenfelt
(P) & (C) Human Kind Records 2018Supported by The Arts Council England.
Development supported by the Artists’ International Development Fund.