Thank you Mr Speaker with permission Mr Speaker

When I started making Opposition all I knew was that I wasn’t engaged in politics, I couldn’t discuss politics in an informed way, I didn’t have strong political views. At this stage someone advised me to make a show about something else – something I cared about, something personal.

But I got books out on rhetoric, watched a lot of politicians on youtube….and realised….I’m angry about the fact that there’s nothing here I care about. I’m angry at these men (men) for not saying anything. For not saying anything that I can believe in. Nothing that relates to my life. And there they are making decisions that affect my life. I am angry about the fact that I can’t vote with conviction. Women fought for this vote and now a lot of my generation prefer to ‘opt out of the whole system’ and not vote at all.

I wish the leaders would stop acting like pre-programmed puppets and start thinking on their feet. At the moment, the only time they seem to improvise is when insulting each other in the safety of the House of Commons, when they are surrounded by their own kind and they know the rules.

“Calm down dear”